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Bring Some Fun to Your Next Business Lunch, Courtesy of Wicked Waffle - The Whitney Blog

Bring Some Fun to Your Next Business Lunch, Courtesy of Wicked Waffle

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If you have a special event or an important business meeting coming up, consider letting the brunch experts at Wicked Waffle create the menu. Although their brick-and-mortar locations are currently closed, they’re still offering catering—including delivery within the D.C. metropolitan area. 

You can choose to have a chef prep food on the spot or have everything arrive ready to enjoy. If you choose a waffle bar, your guests will get to enjoy Wicked Waffles’ signature breakfast bite hot off the iron. The light and fluffy Brussels waffles come dressed up with a variety of different ingredients that eaters can choose from on the spot, from seasonal fruit to chocolate and caramel sauce to roasted apples and Nutella. Prefer savory fare for your event? The omelet bar’s chef will invite guests to pick their breakfast meats and veggies, then toss them into fluffy farm-fresh eggs. Wicked Waffle also offers breakfast platters featuring ready-made waffles, fresh bagels, and fruit, or lunch platters stocked with sandwiches and salads. You can also order single-serving platters pre-made, picking from options like grilled salmon and roasted veggie salads and London broil and chicken breast with roasted veggies.

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